The Definitive Guide
to Business Automation

Embrace DevOps
with Application
Release Automation                                                                                            

Drive agility and business
value by automating your
ORACLE & SAP world                                     

Halve the time to close
your books: automate
Oracle Financials or SAP

Embrace DevOps
with Application
Release Automation


Drive agility and business value by
automating your

Halve the time to close
your financial books

Automic helps enterprises drive competitive advantage by automating their IT factory - from on-premise to the Cloud, Big Data and the Internet of Things.

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2600+ businesses automate with Automic

Automic automates more IT processes than any other software.

Workload Automation

Centrally create, manage and monitor your business application and IT infrastructure processing.

  • Eliminate manual errors and delays.
  • Scale business processes without adding headcount or hardware.
  • Manage complex application dependencies that span multiple applications and infrastructure.
  • Easily build complex workflows with a drag and drop canvas.

Release Automation

Coordinate application release and deployment alongside critical business processes.

  • Automate every step in the release process with worfklows not scripts.
  • Assure quality and consistency of deployments across all environments.
  • Compare deployed files and configurations with packages using snapshots to spot unauthorized changes.
  • Automate the safe roll back of applications when deployment errors occur.

Service Orchestration

Fully orchestrate complex services across business, application and infrastructure layers. 

  • Request and orchestrate the delivery of complex service offerings.
  • Intelligently place services based on security, resiliency and resource usage.
  • Provision, update, change, de-provision a full stack service.
  • Analyze requests and report on SLA compliance and resource optimisation.